Hamlet and the One Story House.

To buy, or not to buy…

…that is the question. Although home buyers, in contemplating the nature of action, do not characteristically wax existentially. They do however repeat the question “to buy or not to buy.”

One or a two story Home?3 story house

Another question that they have is whether to purchase a one story or a two story. Builders have often built Two Stories in order to get more square footage on the parcel and more units in the development. Another benefit to managed density is the ability to bring the infrastructure of community closer to residents. Parks, shopping, and schools can be located closer to the population.

Builders also understand the desire for homes without steps. Buyers like ranch-style homes that offer elbow room and stair-less navigation. As the economics permit, builders incorporate one-story models within many community projects.

What are today’s buyers looking for?

As the baby boomers get more knee and hip replacements, they generally avoid stairs. However, location, demographics and inventory availability contribute to demand. Here are some snapshots of San Diego County sales over the past *90 days:

Community     Single Story Sales      Two Story Sales

Alpine                           61                                 47

Granite Hills               38                                 22

Mt. Helix                      65                                 12

Ocean Beach               24                                 14

La Costa                       32                                164

San Diego County remains a collective of micro areas and general statistics never tell the full story. Hiring a professional REALTOR® will help you with information in your specific community.

*Date collected from Sandicor MLS 8/24/15. Areas are general in location and have some overlap into adjoining areas.

Image courtesy of Nonicknamephoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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