Greatest Flip Zone Failure

So you paid the $40,000 penalty

burnttoast-you cashed in the retirement money. Grandma left you a couple hundred thousand. You want to make your retirement fund grow quicker than your stock broker has. You decide to enter the “Flip Zone.

You kept your home operational for all these years. You know basic plumbing, electrical and roof repair. Lord knows you are an expert at painting and drywall screwing. A master with tools that have interchangeable bits and blades. You can figure it out or bail it out.

You drop $1,200 into a weekend

class that promises properties, tradesmen and financing. You realize they want you to go find properties for them.

You call a few real estate agents who get calls from dreamers like you every day. You want to be at the top of their list for great flipper buys but since you want a part of their earnings, you cheap your way to the bottom of their list.

It’s ok; you are a #DIY’er. You find a property on Zooliow, go directly to the listing agent thinking you can swing a deal only to find out that you closed escrow on a home that was “At Market.” You forgot that the $1200 class said to buy “Below Market.”

What was to be a 30 day “Fix and Close” project is now a 120-day septic disaster that a toilet snake couldn’t fix and is a hidden mold-monster impervious to bleach.

Avoid the greatest “Flip Zone Failure”

Don’t do it all yourself. Hire your own professional REALTOR® and have a professional contractor team to help.

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