Chargers Gone – Now affordable Homes?

     As a professional real estate sales firm, we sell homes, land and buildings. These are places where people build, work and live. They are the infrastructure of a community. What better community to live in than San Diego. Whether in the midst of the metropolis or in the rural fringes of the county, this region of California is spectacular.

     Selling Lifestyle

     From tilt up construction buildings, Mid-Century Modern homes to Mediterranean tile roof stucco sided tract homes and everything in between, we sell it all.  The process is no different here or in Montana, or Canada or Europe. People are attracted to areas by far more than simply finding shelter. Career opportunity attracts people as does the opportunity to be near family, the affordability of property and lifestyle. Lifestyle is a feeling  which includes comfort, happiness both in and out of the home. This includes weekend attraction options.

Selling the Beach and the Chargers

     We sell the Beach, The Padres and the Zoo. Of all the big attractions afforded to  San Diegans, the Chargers have been high on the list. Whether attending the games, fellowshipping in a bar, BBQing with neighbors or screaming in the family room at Uncle Lyle’s house, The Chargers Culture has engulfed our lifestyle.jcachargers

Chargers move affect home prices?

   No. With a scarcity of easy-to-afford homes, prices will continue to climb. Losing the Chargers will mean other attractions move up on the weekend list. Aztecs football following grows and Spanos does not take with him the Padres, Sea World, the beaches or the weather. Let’s love the Chargers for what they brought to us and focus on the number one factor for being able to live in San Diego -building affordable housing.

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