Check your Agent’s Ratings

Let me make up a statistic – most Americans know on an average, 5.4 real estate agents. The problem is that many of those agents operate like that .4 agent. You may have a relative, or friend in your Bunco Club who sells real estate. You hire them because they are your family or a dice throwing friend. THEY MAY NOT EVEN BE A FULL TIME BOARD MEMBER!

But Their Listing Fee is Cheap…

It better be! When you are out of value to give to your clients, you can only compete on price. And we all know, (sorry to begin a sentence with and,) that the wrong termite inspector who overcharged a grand, the 3  grand loss in valuation because the agent didn’t provide answers to the questions that the appraiser had on appraisal day and, poor or absent negotiation skills which left 5 grand on the table at acceptance of the offer and another grand when the buyers asked for repair credits. Before you know it, this example shows a 10 grand loss to the seller because the listing agent lacked the skills or chose not to use them. So much for the discounted real estate agent (2)

Check the Agent’s Reviews!

Go to, and   These are the best places to get agent reviews.  Professional agents know who the good agents are and who the rough ones are in any given marketplace.  Professional agents know that rough or unprofessional agents can jeopardize closing a transaction. The unprofessional agents  are often times avoided by professional agents.

Reasearch Before you Hire

Hire only the best, even if that means not hiring your cousin or your bones-tossing friend. By researching your next agent before you hire him or her, you have the best chance of getting the most professional agent possible. It is likely your representative will have a great reputation and other professionals will want to work with you and your great agent.

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