When to Change Agents

timeforachange     If you like and trust your agent, never change. If you trust he or she is honest, cares about you and is professional in every way, keep your agent for life.  So many people want to change because their offers are not getting accepted or their house is not selling. Be honest and ask yourself- “Have you adopted every recommendation your agent has given you?” If not, then perhaps your agent is not to blame.

Changing a Buyer’s Agent

If your agent can not pull up a property on their phone or can not open a lock box with their card key or their phone, it may be time to change agents. If your representative does not have a route planned for your day of showing and is lost and always making u-turns, it’s time to switch. If your real estate man can’t tell you about the local schools, where the freeway onramps are and give you community information, it may be time to change your agent.

Changing a Seller’s Agent

If you  always get last minute calls to show your property or haven’t heard from your agent in 2 weeks, it may be time to change. If your agent has not changed your flyer,  updated their professional video and photos and has not made pricing recommendations throughout the listing, It may be time to switch.

Talk to Your Agent First

Always let your agent know your expectations. Yes, you want to close a transaction, however let your agent know if you are dissatisfied with anything. Real professionals listen and cater to their clients. Remember, some agents are under contract so changing them may require permission from the broker.






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