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Hamlet and the One Story House.

To buy, or not to buy… …that is the question. Although home buyers, in contemplating the nature of action, do not characteristically wax existentially. They do however repeat the question “to buy or not to buy.” One or a two … Continue reading

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Selling Your Home? Stop the Solar!

           At least for the moment. We all know solar energy is good for America. But how you pay for converting sunshine to electricity is what this is all about!             Some buyers will avoid homes with … Continue reading

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The Best Buyers Agent

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL REALTOR® When  sellers list their home, they hire a professional agent. They sign a contract for performance and compensation outlining their desired terms. If the professional performs, she is compensated. The agent is motivated to get the … Continue reading

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50 Shades of Color!

Since when is Gray Sexy?    Will buyers remember a home that is unexciting or blase’? Will your wall drab into the other walls or will one wall make an entire room pop? Wouldn’t you rather have 50 shades of color … Continue reading

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Which Real Estate Site is Best?

            It all depends on the info you want. If it is statistical, it’s all about baseball or the laboratory. If it is about ideas then it is about pictures or instructions. I will quickly explain. I want Ideas-             … Continue reading

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You Sold my Home too Quickly!

You Sold my Home too Quickly!.

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Open House – Waste of Time?

 Top Open House Concerns The hassles of preparing, spring cleaning every week, having to leave the house for hours, having unqualified strangers walking through your San Diego home, worrying about something breaking or getting stolen, being concerned whether someone trips … Continue reading

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